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Diligent And Professional Real Estate Representation

Buying property is one of the biggest events in most people’s lives, as they are making an investment in both the property but also in their future. Whether you are buying your first home or opening up a storefront for your business, these are great milestones in your life worth celebrating. Because of the importance of this momentous occasion, you want to make sure that you are protecting your financial investment.

At Minnella & Tramuta, LLC, we are dedicated to helping our client’s reach these milestones in their lives by providing real estate representation. Having an attorney help you with the closing on your property can give you the security that you need, ensuring that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to comply with local law and minimized any potential issues with your purchase. Our team assist with both residential and commercial property, and we have represented a range of clients from small businesses such as local restaurants all the way to companies with multibillion-dollar transactions.

Our Team Can Represent You In A Broad Array Of Real Estate Transactions And Cases

With a diverse set of legal backgrounds and experience, our team of seasoned attorneys at Minnella & Tramuta are available to represent you and take on any real estate case, no matter the challenge. Our history of successful litigation and negotiation allows us to confidently assess your case and determine how we can help you. You can come to us if you need our help with any real estate issue, although the most common concerns that our clients seek our help with are:

  • Real estate sales
  • Purchases, both residential and commercial
  • Boundary disputes
  • Covenant and lien enforcement litigation
  • Title issues
  • Land, air and water rights
  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure defense

Given our history of litigation, our team has extensive skill in navigating a courtroom, and we are also adept at negotiating on behalf of our client, advocating for their interests and fighting for a deal that works to their favor. Our attorneys will examine all relevant documents and information as they exhaustively prepare your case to maximize the opportunity for success. Whether we are completing a property closing or litigating a dispute over the property boundary, we always provide the same level of detailed attention to our cases. This ensures that you are given the best service that we can provide and that we minimize any potential issues for you down the road.

Reach Out To Our Team Today

With decades of experience at your service, the skilled attorneys on our team are ready and willing to help you with any real estate case. Please give us a call at 203-916-5299 or write to us here to schedule an initial consultation, where we can assess your case and determine your options and how we can help you achieve your goals. Our office is always open to new clients, and we are committed to responding to all our clients, especially for legal emergencies. If you need additional support, our office has fluent French, Italian and Spanish speakers to assist you.