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DUI/DWI Charges Can Ruin You Unless You Fight Back

Anyone can make a mistake, and driving your vehicle after having one too many drinks is unfortunately all too easy for someone to do. However, Connecticut law takes driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated very seriously, and the penalties for operating a vehicle while inebriated are both severe and highly disruptive to your life.

At Minnella & Tramuta, LLC, we take DUI/DWI charges very seriously and will aggressively pursue your defense because we understand the risks that you are facing. We will diligently and methodically investigate your case, collecting the police report as well as other available evidence to determine the means by which we may counter the charges against you and challenge the narrative presented by the prosecutor. When you speak with us, we will listen to you and provide you with an honest assessment of the realistic outcomes of your case.

Our Team Can Defend You Regardless Of The Circumstances Of Your Case

No case is the same, and at Minnella & Tramuta, we have decades of experience in defending clients who have been involved in all manner of legal jeopardy. Our team can help you specifically with a zealous defense strategy for cases such as:

  • First offense DUI/DWI
  • Repeat offense DUI/DWI
  • Hit and runs
  • Reckless driving
  • Wrong-way accidents

No matter what you might be facing, the seasoned litigators on our team have the skills to help you mount an aggressive defense. In our experience, the best defense is to take the initiative and fight back swiftly through thorough investigation. You can be facing very harsh penalties if you are convicted of one of these offenses.

Connecticut Imposes Harsh Penalties For Drunk Driving

For a DUI first offender, failing or refusing to take a field alcohol test will result in a mandatory loss of your license for 45 days, which begins 30 days after your arrest. Before you are allowed to drive again, you also will be required to install an ignition interlock device into your car. For those underage when they were arrested, the lock must remain for one year, but for all other first-time offenders, it must remain for six months. Repeat offenses will result in this lock remaining for up to three years. If you are convicted of a DUI/DWI three times, you can have your license indefinitely revoked until you have a hearing to request a reconsideration.

A DUI/DWI conviction will also go on your permanent record and can impact your ability to obtain employment, housing and government benefits. The loss of your ability to drive may prevent you from keeping your job and being able to obtain new employment. These extrajudicial punishments only compound the reputational harm that such a conviction can have on you. No matter how you consider it, the risks are too great for you to take your case lightly.

Come And Speak With Us Today

When you are facing criminal charges or the potential of criminal charges, the criminal justice system has already begun moving against you, and you should not waste time in starting your defense. We can help you in a consultation with one of our team members, who will listen to your case and provide an assessment of your options. You can call our Middlebury office at 203-916-5299, or if you prefer, you can write to us here with a brief description of your case. We are available at all times and can also respond to legal emergencies. We provide assistance for Spanish speakers as well.