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You’ve worked hard for everything you own. Don’t let it all fade away after your death. You need a lawyer familiar with probate law and estate planning to help you create your wills and trusts. Only by setting up an estate plan now can you be in charge of what happens to your estate.

At Minnella & Tramuta, our attorneys bring diverse perspectives, vast experience and in-depth knowledge to each case. We are compassionate and committed to problem-solving and providing effective, efficient solutions to your estate planning matters.

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We have represented clients throughout Connecticut with estate planning concerns involving:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Estate administration
  • Powers of attorney

At Minnella & Tramuta, our estate planning lawyers understand estate planning and the complexities within the legal system. We will confidently help you resolve your legal issue.

Three Top Reasons Why A Will Is Essential

A will is a powerful tool in an estate plan. You may not think drafting a will is important, but we want to impress upon you how effective a will can be. Having an established, detailed will allows you to determine and control who and how you want your assets distributed after you are gone. If you have children, you can outline your wishes for who will care for them. With a will in place, you can avoid family conflicts occurring during a lengthy probate process. If probate is needed, our attorneys are well qualified to assertively represent and protect your rights in court.

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As experienced estate planning attorneys, we want to help you get peace of mind knowing your legal issues are handled. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to diligently guide you through the legal system, helping you avoid costly mistakes and additional legal disputes among family members. Call Minnella & Tramuta at 203-916-5299 or contact us online to set up an appointment with one of our estate planning lawyers in Middlebury or Milford. We also offer services in Spanish.